This step is very easy! Once you have your iOS device jailbroken you should have the Cydia App on your Apple iOS devices home screen, tap on the cydia app icon and now you should have access to all the free apps at the cydia app store.

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Welcome to Cydia Download!

This website is here to help you download Cydia onto iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or any other iOS devices in 2 very easy steps if you follow the process below.

Once you follow these 2 easy steps listed bellow you will have access to the Cydia store to get lots of great pay apps, and free apps, there are a lot of great apps, tweaks, and themes available in cydia you will want that you can't get in the Apple App store!


In order to install cydia on your idevice you first need to Jailbreak your device, there are free jailbreaks that do exist, but you should avoid using these jailbreak downloads as they don't normally function very well, the free jailbreak may lack important updates, a free jailbreak can contain malewares or harmful programs and in a lot of cases free jailbreaking can cause your device to crash and you will lose all your valuable information and data currently stored on your device and will likely have to restore your idevice to manufactures original settings, not to mention possibly voiding the warranty of the device if you can't restore it yourself.

We have listed the two best jailbreak services available for jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or other iOS device bellow, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, so again if it's free beware!

Jailbreak Options:

The two best ways to jailbreak you phone are listed in the links below (after jailbreaking your phone with one of these jailbreaks proceed to step 2):

Option 1: This jailbreak is capable of ios 7 jailbreak quick and easy! For Jailbreak iOS 7  Click Here

Option 2: This jailbreak is the most popular, customer assistance is great, and will have your Apple device jailbroken and ready to go in just 5 minutes! Click Here